Monday, May 10, 2010

On to Week 2

Let's get caught up to date, shall we?
Thursday night we were invited to a BBQ for Mr. G's swim team so we were able to push back Thursday's dinner for another time saving us some money. Friday night we were invited to my parents house for my dad's birthday dinner, again allowing us to use that dinner another night.

My dad and Little G - Happy Birthday, Dad!
Saturday was a busy birthday party day. It started as almost all Saturday's do with Daddy and Daughter Donut Day. Mr. G and Little G go out for donuts while I get ready for the day and clean up the house. Then we headed out for Party #1 - my niece Gwen's 8th birthday.

Gwen with Mr. G and Little G (They all have the Gardner eyes) - Happy Birthday, Gwen!
Then it was on to Party #2 - my nephew Evan's 1st birthday.

Evan saying and showing that he is One! Happy Birthday, Evan!

Mrs. G and Little G enjoying a delicious (melting) cupcake at the party.

Sunday was my 2nd Mother's Day. Last year Mr. G got me a card but forgot to give it to me - I found it weeks later in a drawer in the kitchen. And yesterday he went out in the morning to get me a card while I was getting ready for church. He's not so good at this holiday...yet.
After church we went out to lunch with my mom, then came home so Little G and Mr. G could nap. I probably should have taken that time to treat myself to something, but instead I dusted and did some laundry, my usual Sunday tasks.
Mr. G did make me dinner - chicken stir fry (he forgot the vegetables) and pot stickers.

It was delicious and I enjoyed sitting on the couch with Little G while he cooked - I did the dishes, if you were wondering.

Little G and Grandma (my mom) on our ride to lunch. I love these two people SO much!

So on to Week 2. I only have $46.00 left for this week after using $8 on a few items at Fresh and Easy on Friday. I had an interesting conversation with my sister's father-in-law, Dave, at Evan's birthday party. He said F&E marks down many of their prices beginning around 7pm each night. The closer to closing time (at 10pm) the lower the prices go. So tonight I'm going to check it out. Maybe I'll find some good deals!

I was able to roll over three meals from last week and searched the pantry for things I can use to make dinner this week. Mr. G requested his favorite meal which he calls "Chicken Thanksgiving" because it tastes like Thanksgiving dinner with chicken instead of turkey, obviously. Luckily I already have the stuffing, cream of mushroom soup & sour cream and will only need to spend about $2 on the remaining ingredients needed. I would like to take another try at perfecting pork chops so that's on the list as well.

Week 2 Meal Plan
Dinner (in no particular order)
Grilled Cheese with soup (from last week - perfect meal for a cold and windy day) - vegetarian
Small group - Rice Crispy Treats
Tostadas (from last week) - also vegetarian
Chicken Thanksgiving (Mr. G's favorite dinner) with broccoli and garlic bread
Pork Chops with peas
Stir Fry with rice (using the veggies)

Roast Beef sandwiches
Egg Salad sandwiches

Oatmeal (pantry)
Scrambled eggs
Pancakes (pantry)
Cereal (pantry)


  1. Your daughter is too stinkin' cute!! And I totally admire your budgeting ability. That is one area that I definitely need improvement in.

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  3. Thank you!
    Budgeting definitely is not easy for me but I'm learning as I go. I learned last week that if I just stay home, I save a ton of cash. It sounds silly to say, but I didn't spend a penny four days last week just by staying home. Luckily I really like my house!