Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ruffle Lamp Shade DIY, and more Master Bedroom

You all know how much a sucker I am for a good ruffle. But ruffles in the Master Bedroom can sometimes be troublesome if your husband wants a neutral space. Luckily, Mr. G has been very open to all of my decorating projects in our room, ruffles and all. I did give him a choice - ruffle lamp shades or ruffle curtains. But he never gave me an answer so I went with lamp shades...and bedding. Lamp shades are easier and cheaper to DIY. But I haven't completely ruled out ruffling up the curtains as well. :)

I liked our night stand lamps as they were but the room needed more volume.

Plain lamp shade
Glue Gun
Ruffles - If you can DIY ruffles, go for it girlfriend. I bought 5 yards of ruffles-by-the-yard at Hobby Lobby. Use a 40% off coupon or wait for it to go on sale

Step 1 - glue the ruffles to the lamp shade.
I chose to spiral the ruffles up the lamp shade as oppose to cutting individual strips. I slightly overlapped the ruffles at the back of the lamp shade and worked my way up. 

Step 2 - Bask in the loveliness of your new lamp shade(s).

See how they fluff up the room a bit?

What's that? You are loving my driftwood sunburst? Me too. 

It complements the Driftwood Shelf

The wall opposite of the bed, Gallery Wall

That's it for the Master Bedroom for now. I have a couple of artwork projects on my to-do list for the North and South walls so keep a look out for more Master Bedroom crafts.
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  1. beautiful! can't wait to see the other project!

  2. This is beautiful! I love your blog, such adorable ideas!

    I hope you'll link up @ Show & Share


  3. The gallery wall is awesome...I really could use some assistance in getting the rooms in my house set up properly!!


  4. Question - for the lamp shade, did you do each layer separately or did you spiral the ruffles up the shade? Any tips to making smooth / seamless transitions?

  5. Hi Elizabeth! Great question - I spiralled the ruffles up the shade. You can surely cut each strip but I don't have that kind of time. This way only took me a few minutes.
    Once I made it around I gradually brought the ruffles up. It takes a little more fabric this way but still looks great.

  6. Thanks! I would think it be easier, faster, and seamless this way :) Adding this to my nursery to-do list!

  7. Thanks for posting this for so many reasons! I have an MCM lamp with it's original linen shade (that's in really poor condition) that I've been wanting to replace.