Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies make everything better

My weekly Fresh & Easy grocery trip was a success. I only spent $23.20 (using a $5 off coupon) and I was able to get everything that I needed for this week which means I won't have to go to WalMart!
$22.80 left until May 15th.
Here is what I came home with:
For dinner on Monday I made Mr. G's favorite meal, Chicken Thanksgiving, and it seriously messed me up. After two hours in the bathroom I went straight to the kitchen to read all the ingredients in the soup and stuffing. The only thing that I found that could have made me that sick is Hydrolyzed Soy Protein which was listed on the stuffing container. I triple check everything for MSG and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, but missed the hydrolyzed soy protein ingredient. Remember that when a protein is hydrolyzed an effect is the creation of MSG. I didn't even know hydrolyzed soy protein existed! I wonder how many more there are.

Chicken Thanksgiving with broccoli

Little G enjoying her noodles and broccoli
When I returned from the store after dinner I found Mr. G and Little G dancing to 80's Rock and baking chocolate chip cookies - he got the secret recipe from my sister who made him promise not to share it with anyone and he hasn't! They are the perfect little treat at the end of the day...actually any time of day :)

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