Sunday, May 2, 2010

Breaking Tradition

"G" tacos were a hit as always around here. As you can see they really are just huge burritos. This was my taco, sans ground beef, which was delicious. Little G enjoyed her bean burrito and rice as well.

Sundays are lazy days in our house. We attend church at 11 then go to Taco Bell with my parents, the rest of the day consists of a long nap for Mr. G and Little G, then a walk to the park and a movie in our comfy clothes. Today, however, we saved around $12 by forgoing the traditional Taco Bell outing and making BLTA's (bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado sandwiches on whole wheat).
Since taking out the $125 in cash I have become aware of every purchase. What I buy today takes away from what I can purchase tomorrow, and the next day. Until now, I have been swiping my debit card left and right not consciously thinking about my spending. Now that I have tangible bills in my wallet, I am understanding so much more about where I have been wasting money. All of this and it's only Day 2.

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