Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday's, Mother's Day, and Money

I very much regret adding all necessities (and wants) to the $250 Challenge. I should have budgeted $50 for clothing, makeup, project materials, and other items I usually buy throughout the month. But I didn't and I'm going to try to make it work (Tim Gunn just popped into my head). After discussing my poor planning with Mr. G, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. If I complete the challenge I get 20 dollars to spend on myself as well as any left over money from the Challenge. More incentive to make my goal!

While working on this month's budget I took out $100 for gifts and boy did it go fast. This weekend we have three birthday's - my dad, my nephew Evan, my niece Gwen - and Mother's Day! I wish I could give them all the world, but I used what I had (well, a teensy bit over) and I know everyone understands that we aren't exactly making the big bucks right now with me staying home with Little G. It's especially hard when there are several birthday's in the month. Next month is the same, Little G's birthday as well as two other family members, three anniversaries, and Father's Day. Mental note to budget $150 for gifts next month.

I'm looking forward to all the parties this weekend and of course for Mother's Day. When we have busy weekends like this one is going to be, I'm reminded of how blessed we are living close to all of our immediate family. Happy Friday!

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