Friday, July 25, 2014

Amanda G Designs - Custom Orders Part II

Our little Etsy shop passed 1,000 sales! It's thrilling to be able to create pieces for couples to enjoy in their homes for many, many years. I honestly thought it would be stressful making guest books for weddings but I've been blessed to work with incredibly thoughtful and creative brides (and some grooms, mother-in-laws, and maid of honors).

Brides typically have an idea in mind for the design which makes them especially easy to work with. My job is to take their vision and make it a reality. Here are some custom pieces that we at Amanda G Designs have created so far this year.

For a peek into the shop and more pictures of unique signs follow @amandagdesigns on Instagram.

This recent sign combines rustic and lace. It turned out great and I love all of the details.

Lace Wood Sign photo July15-4.jpg

Tara and I probably set a record for the longest Etsy conversations I've had with a customer. We narrowed her package down to three signs: a guest book, direction sign, and a ring-bearer sign. They complimented each other perfectly.

Wood Sign Package photo blog.jpg

April and Brandon requested a Texas Star on their "guest book."

Texas Star photo blog-2.jpg

The Fayeds love their Boston Terrier and asked if I'd paint one on their "guest book." As a dog-lover myself, I thought it was an amazing idea and the sign turned out great!

Boston Terrier photo bostonterrier.jpg

This "wine glass stain" sign was a custom order for a vineyard wedding. It's also a popular new design available in the shop.

Wine Stain photo June30-2.jpg

I've been wanting to paint a horse-themed sign for some time now and I finally was asked to paint a horseshoe for a UK couple who are getting married at a barn in Texas.

Horseshoe sign photo July10-3.jpg

The "double state" design is another popular choice and can be customized in so many ways.
Two States wood sign photo June30-3.jpg

Two States photo July4-2.jpg

A sweet hibiscus flower is a lovely choice for a tropical destination wedding.
Hibiscus Flower photo 14-7.jpg

We named this design "two hearts become one."
Dark Wood Sign photo 7-2.jpg

Jerome's wife contacted me for a birthday guest book sign for her husband's 40th birthday. She said it was a hit at the party!

Birthday Wood Sign photo 15th-9.jpg

I was honored to paint a few signs for my friend Jarod's wedding to his beautiful wife, Amy. I ended up making a guest book, ring bearer sign, welcome sign and a couple of direction signs.

Steele's Wood Sign photo jarod.jpg

It makes my day when I check my messages and receive a picture from a couple of their sign hanging in their home. It's great to see the guest books complete with signatures.

Steele's Guest Book photo 23.jpg

The welcome sign.

Wedding Welcome Sign photo 25-3.jpg

Happily Ever After Starts Here direction sign. It fit in great at the barn.
Direction Sign Happily Ever After photo 25.jpg

I'm looking forward to painting many more custom designs! Please let me know if I can help you create the perfect guest book for your wedding at Amanda G Designs on Etsy.


Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 In Review - Custom Orders {Amanda G Designs}

I was very blessed in 2013 and filled hundreds of orders through my Etsy shop, Amanda G Designs where I sell hand painted wood signs. Many of my favorite signs were unique custom orders. Several of them were a real challenge, but I enjoyed the process of getting to the finished product. Here is a round up of some custom orders in 2013.

This huge and very heavy sign was a fun project that was requested by my brother-in-law.

A previous customer ordered two more signs for her living room.
Live a Life worthy of the calling you have received.  Eph. 4:1
 photo untitled-1040.jpg

He is before all things. And in Him all things hold together. Col 1:17
 photo untitled-1028.jpg

This mama sure has her hands full. I love the two signs she ordered.

Let them be Little

A family name sign is one that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Warren contacted me with a vision for a 5 year anniversary gift for his wife. Since the traditional 5 year gift is wood, he asked me to paint the South Carolina flag emblem with their names and wedding date on five boards. What a sweet guy - I'm sure he scored some major points with this gift.

 photo untitled-1078.jpg

This bride had a design in mind for her guest seating sign.
Today as two families become one We ask that you please choose a seat not a side.
 photo untitled-1019-2.jpg

Custom state signs are very popular in the shop right now. This Tennessee sign for Luke and Julie was first state sign I made, followed by many others.

 photo untitled-1003-8.jpg

 photo untitled-1075-2.jpg

This Oregon sign was probably one the the most unique signs I painted in 2013. Nissa & Megan sent me a picture of the White Stag sign and asked if I could recreate it for their guest book. 

 photo untitled-1026-3.jpg

I love when customers think outside the box and ask about custom orders. These signs were created using the couple's wedding invitation as inspiration. 
At Last
 photo untitled-1013.jpg

Love Birds 
 photo untitled-1006-3.jpg

Laurel wreath designs.
 photo untitled-1025-2.jpg


Pale pink heart and brown monogram.

This sign was ordered as a gift for the couple by a relative. It was a challenge but I love how it turned out.

I've also had the pleasure of making themed guest books. 
Paul and Tim had a rustic wedding.
 photo untitled-1073.jpg

David and Ally's wedding was at a vineyard.
Grape vine sign photo untitled-1036.jpg

I also started making custom arrow signs! These signs are adorable and can match any guest book order.

You can find a couple of the signs and much more in my shop. Let me know if I can make something special for your home or wedding. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Amanda G Designs - Christmas signs in the shop!

There have been many changes to my Etsy shop since the last time I posted about it.  Wedding season was incredibly busy. I couldn't have imaged the response I would receive from my guest book designs. Now that wedding season has slowed down, I'd like to introduce the Holiday signs that are in the shop.

This "Silver Bells" sign looks amazing on our mantle. Visiting NYC during Christmastime is on my bucket list. We won't be able to make it this year, so I thought I'd bring the skyline to our living room.

silver bells Amanda G Designs photo untitled-1004-5.jpg

"Silver Bells" also comes with gray wood stain and black wording.

Silver Bells Amanda G Designs photo untitled-1017-3.jpg

"Fall on your knees." This elegant sign will have you humming Oh Holy Night all winter long.

O Holy Night photo untitled-1035-2.jpg

I've been adding Luke 2:11 signs to the shop all month long.

Luke 2:11 wood sign Amanda G Designs photo untitled-1134.jpg

This lovely sign is in our gallery wall in the living room. It's also a wonderful sign for any Thanksgiving mantle or hanging in the dining room.

Thankful Grateful Blessed Amanda G Designs photo untitled-1023-4.jpg

I know it's only mid-November but it's full-on Christmas at the Gardner house. We won't be hosting Thanksgiving this year, so why not? It's our favorite time of year so if we can stretch it out a few extra weeks, then we are all for it!

Stop by Amanda G Designs and look around at the new items in the shop. And let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Party - Noelle Turns FIVE!

My girl is five. I look at my baby - fun-loving and shy - but gracefully maturing into a beautiful little lady. She starts Kindergarten this year and I'm terrified. When we talk about it and she sees the tears welling up in my eyes she reassures me with this speech, "Mommy, it's going to be okay. It will just be for a little while and you can go to Target while I'm gone. I have to go to school to learn stuff." I've heard it a dozen times already. She's so brave.

In May we went on our annual Disneyland trip during Mother's Day weekend to kick off the summer and celebrate her birthday. She agreed to have a small birthday party but insisted it have a Strawberry Shortcake theme. I grabbed her Strawberry Shortcake doll and we headed to JoAnn's for a few supplies. Six yards of fabric, a box of 12 mason jars, a string of Martha Stewart pom-poms and we were pretty much ready to party.

 photo strawberryparty-3-2.jpg

Since it was June and the day heats up quickly we decided on a mid-morning brunch. The menu included Sausage Quiche, Muffins, Strawberry Greek Yogurt with granola, Fruit Salad and Cinnamon Rolls. 

 photo strawberryparty-7.jpg

For the backdrop, I cut the fabric into 5-inch strips and tied them using a slip knot onto a birch tree branch. I had the crates but painted them white and added the strawberry to the inside of the large crate.

The table was very quick and easy to set up. I found vintage Strawberry Shortcake fabric at Walmart for $3/yard. 

 photo strawberryparty-3.jpg

At Walmart I also picked up a couple bundles of cheap flowers and a bag of limes. 

 photo strawberryparty-4.jpg

Noelle's refinished desk was used as the beverage table. 
 photo strawberryparty-5.jpg

Mr. G drilled holes into the mason jar lids just big enough for the paper straws. It's a one time deal since the lids will rust if they are washed. 
 photo strawberryparty-6.jpg

In the dining room I set up the dessert (strawberry shortcake and cupcakes) along with Noelle's previous birthday party invitations. 
 photo strawberryparty-8.jpg

When frosting cupcakes, I always whip a half teaspoon of vanilla extract into the frosting and pipe it onto the cupcakes for a bakery-style look. 

 photo strawberryparty-9.jpg

For the craft, the friends decorated a clay pot with foam stickers and then planted a flower. 

 photo strawberryparty-11.jpg

I'm certain that no flower made it more than a day but it kept them busy for 10 minutes. 

 photo strawberryparty-12.jpg

It was a lovely morning! 
 photo strawberryparty-13.jpg

 photo strawberryparty-4-2.jpg

My girl. 
Strawberry Shortcake hair bow from The Palmetto Baby on Etsy
 photo strawberryparty-10.jpg

Noelle's Strawberry Stand was an easy project that she loves and plays with every day. The total cost was about $20. 
 photo strawberryparty-15.jpg

Here's what you need from Michael's:
(2) Crates - They were half off for $7 each
(2) 24" sticks
4"x 24" plywood
From Home Depot:
Berry Pink Spray Paint
Wood Screws

Once all the pieces are sprayed with paint, stack the crates and line them up. Then drill the screws through the top crate into the bottom crate. 

The 24" sticks fit perfectly snug in between the gaps on the side of the crate. Mr. G used wood glue to hold them in place. You can touch up the glue with spray paint when you're done assembling the stand.

Lastly, paint the plywood slab and use wood glue to secure it to the top of the sticks. Done! Such a cute little stand that can be used as a ticket counter for a circus party, lemonade stand, grocery store play, etc.

 photo strawberryparty-2-2.jpg

A family photo for once!
 photo strawberryparty-14.jpg

Happy 5th Birthday sweet girl! I love you so.