Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Visitor Favors

Check! It feels great to check things off of my To-Do List.

I thought these would take hours to complete so I gathered the supplies and set up shop on the floor in Noelle's playroom. Just an hour later we were done! It was so easy and fun.

I followed The Busy Budgeting Mama's hospital favor tutorial and they turned out great! I didn't do anything like this for Noelle's birth so I'm very excited about giving these to our visitors at the hospital and at home.

Box of Peanut Butter Cups - I got the 36 pack at Smart & Final for $18
Scissors - I used my wavy scrapbook scissors.
Stickers - not necessary

I made the design a few nights ago (which took some time after I decided to fit two on one page) and today Noelle and I printed them out and cut them with my $1 wavy scissors from Target.

After wrapping the peanut butter cups I taped the back and enlisted the help of this super cute Princess.

Her job was to put a blue or green sticker on the back. Totally not necessary but I knew she'd want to help so I bought the stickers for $1 at Walmart. She did a great job :)

Lastly I tied them with blue and yellow ribbon. So cute!

Here's the finished project again.

There are still a few more things on the list to complete but I'm ready for Noah to make his appearance!