Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing the wealth

I'd like to start sharing the best deals that I find each week. Not just every deal that comes around, but the ones that I actually take part in and are useful for me and my family, and hopefully for yours as well.

Coupon info you need to know:
Target accepts one Manufacturer coupon AND one Target coupon for the same item. This allows for bigger savings and often times free stuff!

I print coupons from,,, and I also keep on eye out for Facebook deals - companies will put up a coupon to print if you "like" their page.

Today I scored Disney's Tangled 4-disc set including a free book for only $15!
I used the $5 off coupon on Disney's site stacked with a $5 off Target coupon that came in the Easter mailer. We don't have a Blue-Ray player (yet) and I have no use for the Blue-Ray 3D disc but Noelle loves the book (sticker page included) and I'll give the Blue-Ray disc to my niece and nephew. Everyone wins :-)
I felt bad for the poor sucker in front of us who paid $24.99 for it! It's so easy to print out a $5 coupon before heading to the store.
I say it aaaaallllll the time...."It's like printing my own money!" (can you name that movie?)

Other great deals this week: - $2 coupon for Visine drops - I picked up the travel size at Target - Free! - Get 24 4x8 cards for only $2.49 shipped! I'm planning on making Easter cards to send out in April. Add the 24 cards to your cart and use the code 25cards at checkout.

Happy Savings!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comparison Picture

It still amazes me how much Noah looks like Noelle. They have almost identical expressions and very similar facial features. They even have the same dimple on their left cheek. So cute!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My sweet baby boy has had the WORST baby acne for about 2 weeks now. This week it even turned into an eczema-like rash. It breaks my heart to look at that poor little face - dry, red and covered with pimples.

Then I discovered California Baby Calendula Cream.
I applied it only to his left cheek - just in case he had a reaction to it - and what do you know, it looked 100 times better in just an hour. So I put it on his entire face and over night his face cleared up!

I highly recommend it for any skin problem you or your little one may have. On the bottle it says: Purpose - For simple 'mystery' rashes and cuts, eczema or wherever intensive repair is needed.

And as a bonus it smells wonderful. Noelle said, "Baby brother smells like flowers."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Items I'm Loving

Noah is now one month old and there are a few items that make my life easier. I have to thank several of my blogger friends for sharing their favorite baby items which have also become some of my favorites.
For instance, MAM pacifiers. I've tried 5 different brands of pacifiers - all of which he spits out immediately - so I bought MAM pacifiers after reading several posts raving them and he took it right away. THANK GOODNESS! Finally peace and quiet in the car. The kid hates being in his car seat. It also works great for nap time and in the middle of the night when he's trying to use me as a pacifier.

For sleeping:

Swaddle blankets
I love the Aden + Anais muslin blankets available at Target and the Halo sleepsack. Noah gives me about 4 hours of sleep when he's swaddled in the Halo. The muslin blankets are perfect for nursing, trips out of the house, and covering his car seat.

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker
Noah naps in this rocker and even sleeps in it some nights. He's not a fan of laying flat quite yet but we are working on it.

MAM pacifiers
For nursing:

Nipple Shield
The worst pain I've felt in a long long time is the deep crack in my right nipple. It's gotten worst over the past week and a couple of nights ago it became unbearable. I finally bought a nipple shield and the pain went from a 9 to a 3. Noah took to it without any problems.

Helped my cracked nipples greatly in just one day.

My poor gassy little guy does so much better if I give him Mylicon with every feeding.

For bathing:

Baby Luve Frog towel
An absolute MUST! My best friend Kim gave this to Noah and he loves bath time because of it. Sure it's just a towel - but it really works. I've tried to use a hand towel and it just doesn't do the trick. Once Noah is in the bath and the frog is on him he closes his eyes and relaxes. You have to get one. I saw them at Walmart for about $10.

Baby Magic
I love the smell of Baby Magic - it's my little secret. Everyone always says, "He smells so good!"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cuteness Overload!

My local Parks and Recreation department offers a Tiny Toes class for 3-4 year olds and I couldn't wait to get Noelle enrolled - so I didn't. I called in a favor and got Noelle in the class, along with her cousin Emma. Noelle will be 3 in June, what's a few months?

So last night was their first ballet lesson and it was just too adorable for words. The girls had an absolute blast. We weren't sure if they'd be too timid and not want to participate but they jumped right in and followed along. My sister and I were totally the "newbie moms" with our cameras and video cameras out during the entire class.

At home practicing her moves before class.
Emma on the left, Noelle on the right. My mom got the girls the outfits.
Seriously - how cute are they??!!
Miss Emily helped them out a bit during the class.
Little Brother made it through the entire class without a peep!

Emma checking on mommy and auntie.
When Noelle woke up this morning the first thing she said was, "I want to go to dance class today!"

Monday, March 7, 2011

It Feels Good

It feels great to get back in the kitchen and cook for my family. It's been quite a while since I bought groceries and even longer since I made a decent meal. This morning I had a craving for some good ole fashion comfort food and remembered that I ripped out a page in the February issue of Rachael Ray's magazine with a recipe for Unstuffed Peppers. My mom always made us Stuffed Peppers growing up so I couldn't wait to try THIS RECIPE.

It turned out great. Instead of ground beef - which my mom used - it has delicious Mild Italian Sausage along with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and rice. I mixed white rice with long grain wild rice. Aaron and Noelle also loved it! If you are a fan of Stuffed Peppers I urge you to give this recipe a try. You won't be disappointed :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noah's birth announcement

Initially Yours Blue Birth Announcement
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