Friday, July 8, 2011

Y3W - What, No Money?

I found myself wallet-less at Target the other day.

As I was walking out the door to a doctor's appointment, Mr. G yelled from the office that we were out of black ink. What's new?

So after the appointment I headed over to Target to pick up the ink. Sure I could have just went to Kmart, which is about a mile from my house, but come on.

I picked up the ink and a few other things when I heard my text message jingle and read these words from Mr. G:

Oops, I have your wallet.


The black ink went back on the shelf and I did a mental calculation of the items remaining in the red cart. 

2 Papermate pen packs $1.02 each
2 $1/1 TQ
= .04 total

2 Cover Girl eyeshadow $3.14 each
$2.00/2 TQ
$2.50/2 MQ
$4.50 in coupons
= $1.78

I was positive that I could come up with at least 2 bucks in bottom-of-the-purse change and I did, $2.60.
On my way out I also grabbed 2 tweezers (cause a girl could never have too many). 

2 Revlon Tweezers $1.87 each
$5/2 TQ
= Free

Before coupons the total was over $12! 

Total before tax  $1.82 
AND I got $7 in Revlon Tools Catalina coupons

Clearance News:

I also saw Woman's Jeans marked down to 75%. The sign up says "50% off" but I always look at the tags. I went back and picked up a pair - because, ya know, I had to get the ink (for my husband, of course). 


  1. Your posts always make me wish we had a Target in my town! I get to go once a week since our church is in the next town over, which is 30 miles away, and we stop at Target on the way home, but, I wish I could go daily! I usually miss out on all the good clearance. :(

  2. Whoa, that is some seriously impressive bargain shopping. And I thought I was good! : )

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