Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bullseye Bargain - Clearance News in Pictures

My store is adding the grocery department which means lots of clearance goodies. I had two sleepy kids today so I couldn't stay and browse like I wanted, but I was able to snap some pictures of the clearance mania.

Here's what I found at 50%-75% off.

All of these baby items are 75% off - 
{I scored this car seat mirror for only 4 bucks, marked down from $16}

socks, shoes, and outfits
Bath covers (which are amazing!) and bath hoodies.

All of this bedding was 50% off
And several items from the Shabby Chic collection (LOVE)

Boys Wall Art 50% off

Select bath towls 50% off
Rugs 50% off

Teachers Supplies 75% off
Stickers 75% off

And these summer items have been 30% off for a week and will probably go half off soon.

The toy section is looking pretty good. Most are half off. I'll be heading out in the morning to see if they are marked down. Good luck finding some great deals!

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