Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target TOY Clearance, 75% off

I dominated the 75% off toy clearance this morning.

The kids and I arrived at Target at 8:05 am and headed straight for the toy department. A little lady with a magic clearance wand was spreading red tag joy all over the aisles. I quickly made friends with her (having an adorable 5 month old in tow helped) and then started checking off my list.

We have 8 nieces/nephews plus our 2 little ones, and many friends with kids to buy gifts for throughout the year. This sale is a huge blessing for us! And I don't feel bad at all for buying gifts on clearance. It's called being thrifty.

Back to the sale - My new friend told me that if I find something that isn't marked down to 75% off then she'll scan it for me. Awesome!

After an hour, my carts (yep, I was the lady with 2 carts) were full and a couple more people started wandering the aisles with me. I was the only one there for an entire hour! People in this town are so out of the loop :)
Here are the 24 items that I scored with my $100 budget:
Girls Toys:
My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Cinderella storybook playset, (2) Princess Bubble wands, Flower Bracelet Craft, Barbie Mermaid Dress, Strawberry Shortcake Twirling Flower Fashions

Gender Neutral Toys:
Play-doh Backpack, Fisher-Price Little People Build 'n Carry Construction, Fisher-Price Little People Build 'n Carry Matching Animals, Special Agent Oso Go-Go-Go Race Car, 
Special Agent Oso Special Agents.

Chuck Toys
Crazy Crane Stunt (originally $19.99, clearance $4.98)
Rumbling Chuck (originally $34.99, clearance $8.74)

Cars Lego Set (originally $39.99, clearance for $9.98)

 Thomas & Friends Set (originally $49.99, clearance for $12.48)

Other Boys Toys:
Handy Manny Let's Get To Work!, Cars 2 Plush Toy Set of 3, (3) Kung Fu Panda 2 character sets of 2 (one was opened in the car), Chuggington Wilson Carry Case

Retail Cost = $380.45 (24 items)

Total without tax = $94.89
and I got a $5 gift card :)

Some of my favorites are the Play-doh backpack which comes with 40 pieces and 4 play-doh cans, the Cinderella Story-book, Thomas & Friends 101 piece set and the Cars Lego Set and Plush Toy set.

Good luck if you are heading out to find some deals!

Here are some tips:
Always be kind to the workers
If you find an item that isn't marked down to 75% off, scan it. If the price comes up lower, then find someone with a magic clearance wand.
Look ALL over the toy section. This year, the clearance toys were not in one aisle but all through the department.
Make a list of who you need to buy for and set a budget.


  1. I'm your newest follower from the hop:) check me out at whenever you can

  2. SCORE!! You found some great stuff!

  3. WOW! I am truly amazed by your thriftiness! I wish I could have been shopping with you today :)

  4. I wish I would have known there was such a big sale today. I love Christmas shopping early and this would have been great. Great steals!

  5. Lucky you! I need to get with the program. I'm usually good with keeping up with sales (especially clearance events). I have started Christmas shopping also, but I have a hard time keeping the toys until Christmas. The anticipation of seeing my little girl's face when she sees her gifts is often unbearing.

  6. I was DYING to get at least 10 of those same Play-Doh backpacks but they were still $10 at my store :(

  7. looks like i need to make a run to target!!! what great deals!!

    i'm your newest blog follower too!!

  8. Gotta love the Target employees with the magic clearance wands! I sometimes hear the magic noise they make in my sleep. Nice finds!

  9. Wow, I didn't even know they were having a huge toy sale like this. I tend to try to avoid the toy section when I'm with my son because he loves to grab everything and anything. He's been wanting that Rumblin' Chuck toy, too. I'll have to check out Target today! I love bargain shopping!!!

  10. You can't deny the happiness that kids felt whenever they see the toys they are longing to hold. That is why they always get excited whenever they see them.