Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bullseye Bargains - 10 items for 98 cents

Pillow $2.50
$2 Bed Pillow TQ

2 Scotch Tape $.50
2 .50 Scotch Tape TQ
= Free

6 Papermate Pens 10 pack $1.00
6 $1.00 Papermate TQ 

Vintage Tee $2.48
$2.00 Graphic Tee TQ
= .48

Total = $11.98

After coupon Total = $0.98

Couponing at Target is becoming more difficult. The cashier today was so rude. She asked if I had any coupons and I said "Yep, here they are." She rolled her eyes. "Why did you roll your eyes? You asked if I had coupons and I gave them to you." She ignored me.

When the Scotch tape coupon didn't go through she huffed and dug through the bag to find the tape and compared it to the coupon. "This coupon will make the tape free."


The gentleman behind me laughed.

She tossed the tape in the bag and called a manager to override the coupon - which is apparently a new requirement.

Dang you, TLC!

Clearance news:
The home department had items for 75% off today. I passed a lady with a cart full of the blue & white collection - pillows, framed art, vases, etc. She scored.

Here's what she left behind...


  1. Seeing a clearance sign makes my heart skip a beat. Nice finds!

  2. Wow!!!! Great job!!!

    Seriously... i am falling in love with this couponing business. Sorry Target workers. But seriously.... get over it.

  3. Wow you are amazing! Great job and too bad to the employee... that's her job!

  4. You show that cashier! When I hand over coupons they give me an attitude regardless of how nice I am! O well, they are not the ones saving money!

  5. usually the cashiers i deal with are pretty nice about the coupons. thats why you gotta profile them! go for the younger/teenage ones, they couldn't care less!

  6. Anon- That's great advice. I have my two favorite cashiers. Both younger females who are usually impressed with my savings - but I haven't seen either of them lately :(
    And I'm always overly pleasant to the cashiers. I know that for some reason they hate dealing with coupons so I make a point to be gracious. It wasn't working on this gal though.

  7. I'm a cashier at Target and also a couponer...I don't know why cashiers get so upset when they have a guest who has coupons...why do they care? it's not their money...It upsets me when I hear this. When guests come through with coupons and get killer deals...I think it's awesome...and when I get off work I try to go make the same deal for Maybe the cashiers are just jealous of your savings...but STILL there is NO reason a cashier should be rude to a guest...seriously complain to the manager if a cashier or other employee is rude to you..if they get upset over things like that then maybe they should think about a job where they don't work with people. I'm sorry ;-(