Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a fun surprise!

I woke up on Friday morning and did my usual routine before Noelle wakes up which includes checking my e-mails, FB, and blog. When I got to my blog I was puzzled by the amount of visitors to my page. What on earth was going on?

I later saw on my blog updates that Natalie over at The Busy Budgeting Mama featured me and Noah's Nursery on her totally awesome blog! How cool is that?

You can check it out HERE.

I sent Natalie an e-mail after I posted the Visitor Favors and Big Sister Kit that I made by following her tutorials. I appreciate when bloggers take the time to tell you how they created something. That's why we share things in the first place - so that others can be inspired.

So thanks again, Natalie, for your blog and the kind comments. :)

Also a big HELLO and WELCOME to any new followers who came from Natalie's blog! I hope you enjoy reading.

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