Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Number Game

Noelle has been working hard at learning numbers 1-10 this month. She has most of them memorized but still has some trouble with 6 and 9, and for some odd reason number 1.

Here are a few games we play every morning during breakfast and throughout the day.

We started off learning numbers 1-4 with a game we call "Number Boxes."
I saw somewhere the idea to put small objects inside boxes to teach counting, so I used what I had around the house - Tiffany boxes and wine corks (which she calls "blocks"). :)

First she mixes the boxes...

Then one by one opens them up and reads what number is on the inside of the box.

If she has trouble with recognizing the number I remind her to count the corks.

Here she is looking at the number

"Number THREE!"

I should add that she's going through a Princess stage. She insists on wearing a Princess crown and dress at. all. times.

Another game is "Butterfly Numbers." I used the strips of card stock left over from the Visitor Favors to write numbers 1-10. I also drew the same number of butterflies in case she needs help recognizing the number.

To make it a little more interesting she then finds the matching number on her phone.

Lastly we play with boring ole home-made flash cards. I mix them up and quiz her on the numbers. I also throw in a different letter each time we play.

I try to remember to make everything we do a teaching opportunity. At the store I ask her to read the price of an item we are going to buy and then put it in our cart. I love teaching my little princess. It's such a thrill when she gets it right!

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