Thursday, January 13, 2011

Target toys 75% off today!

My Target is SO SLOW at getting items past 30% off so I was excited (although disappointed that I didn't get there earlier) to see the toys marked down to 75% off.

It was very quiet in the two aisles of marked down toys - just me and three Target workers who each had a cart filled with toys. They said there were three aisles of toys this morning and by 11am they were down to only two aisles.

Here's a breakdown of what I was able to find.

This awesome Circo Wood Train Table that I initially thought would be a perfect 1st birthday present for baby brother (due in February) but I'm sure that when Mr. G gets home he'll want to put it together.
Priced at $79.99
Marked down to $19.98

I have 7 nieces and nephews so I usually try to stock my "gift closet" during sales like this but I really didn't find too much for the nieces and I didn't want to get things that they *might* like.

The rest of my finds:
Silvermist Fairy - gift for niece
Priced at $12.09
Marked down to $3.02

Buckaroo Game - gift for friends kid
Priced at $17.79
Marked down to $4.44

SCX Compact GT Racing Track
Story about this one - my mom was going to buy it full price just after Christmas but I convinced her that it would go on clearance and assured her that I would keep an eye on it. Today when I saw it there was only a 30% off sticker on it so I found an employee and asked her to check the clearance price for me and she gave me a sticker for 75% off!
Priced at $89.99
Marked down to $22.48

Thomas the Train set - gift for nephew
Priced at $39.99
Marked down to $9.98

Circo Train set (for new train table)
Priced at $9.99
Marked down to $2.48

I hope you find some good deals today also!

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  1. You scored on that train table!! Thanks so much for sharing, it so much fun looking at all the fun stuff other's pick up.