Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Alright, only Noelle's bag is packed but it's a good start. Noelle will be with my mom and dad while Aaron and I are at the hospital...but I would like for them come to the hospital when I get close to delivering, so depending on what time I deliver there's a chance that she'll be with either my sister or my best friend Kim.

With these unknowns I packed "Noelle's Big Sister Kit" with a helpful tips for whoever has her. I saw this on The Busy Budgeting Mama blog. Natalie is amazing at making fun printables and planning parties.

Along with Noelle's necessities I packed a special present for her - a princess wand and new Tinkerbell snack cup and sippy cup. When she comes to the hospital we'll have a few more gifts for her from baby brother. I can't wait to see her reaction when meeting him for the first time!

Another wonderful thing about having this list is it's going to make rushing out the door (if need be) much easier on me. I'll be able to go through the list and make sure I have everything for Noelle. I'm notorious for forgetting something small but essential - like toothpaste or a razor.

Now thinking about it, I better start a list of necessities to pack for myself! Including toothpaste and a razor :-)

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