Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Noah, 14 months. The good, the bad & the adorable.

{The Good}

Noah is a healthy and growing little boy. His personality is starting to show more and more each day and we love him to pieces. His favorite playtime activities are being chased and hide-and-seek (me hiding in the same spot and scaring him over and over). He loves to see new things, be outside, and play with his sister.

During month 13, Noah learned how to stand from a sitting position and is starting to move faster while walking. I'd even call it nearly running. He is very active and has already learned how to climb on our bed by using the ottoman. He also climbs the stairs to his slide and goes down it on his own.

After many months of having only 6 teeth, a few more popped out this month. Total count is now 9, including one molar.

Noah nurses twice a day (morning and night) and is still eating great. He has decided that he doesn't care for scrambled eggs or bread anymore, but that's probably my fault for giving it to him for breakfast too often. Now he eats yogurt or oatmeal and a sliced banana in the morning.

Noah is not as verbal as Noelle was at this age, but he understands many things and simple instructions. For example if I say, "Brush mommy's hair," he'll get a brush and attempt to brush my hair - which sometimes is just whacking me in the head. Some other instructions he understands:

Stomp your feet.
Clap your hands.
Give me a kiss.
Give that to me.
Pick up the (fill in the blank).
Get your blanket.
Come here.
Don't touch that.

{The Bad}
Noah recently started acting out. At first it was just crying for not getting his way but he has taken it to a new level. Now he either falls down and gently hits his head on the ground or stops his feet and then falls or uses his hand to hit something near him.  It seems a little early for these tantrums but they only last a few seconds before he moves on so I'm not too concerned. Picking him up or redirecting him seems to be the best way to handle it. Other than these little instances, Noah is a happy and content kid.

{The Adorable}
Noah is the best little cuddle bug. He will usually lay his head on your shoulder if you pick him up (even strangers) and he loves to cuddle while drinking milk before bed.

Thank you for making every day fun. When I wake up I can't wait to see you and hear your giggle. Each day I wonder what new thing you'll learn and what you'll discover. I love how you snuggle with your blanket when you're sleepy, how excited you get about a cup of juice, the way you splash around in the bath, when you run to my legs when you're scared, how you smile at everyone you see, your sweet voice and your precious hugs.
We love you so much!