Monday, April 16, 2012

Target Easter clearance - 90% off

Easter items went 90% off at my store yesterday - but the signs didn't change to 90% until this morning. Noelle has been begging for a pink tulle Easter dress that is on the clearance racks so we went to check if it was marked down to half off today (it wasn't). But we did find some other goodies!

Color-changing Bouncy Ball - .29
2 Stickers - .19 each
10 Cadberry creme eggs - .07 each
6 Crinkle paper - .15 each (Why is crinkle paper so expensive? This was a great time to stock up for parties and gift wrap).
Pink Bowl - $1.49

There were dollar spot items scattered around so I rummaged through and grabbed 9 pairs of socks and 4 blank cards for .10 each!
FYI - the dollar spot items go to salvage after 70% off but for some reason these were left behind and I was able to purchase them.

The ground beef was marked down from $3.69 to $2.49 and had a $1 off coupon sticker. I paid only $1.49 each! I would have cleaned out the whole section and stocked my freezer but there's no room!

Merona ruffle tank top - Sale price $6
= $3

Don't forget to check the grocery aisles for Easter items (cereal, goldfish, cake mix, etc). Those items don't always have a clearance sticker but are usually marked down.


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