Friday, May 11, 2012

Using free photo editing sites - and pictures!

Now that Picnik is no longer available for use, I've been playing around on a couple of other photo editing sites, specifically iPiccy and Picmonkey. Both are great and easy for fixing up pictures or turning plain photos into much more interesting images. I used Picmonkey to jazz up a few pictures I took of the kids this week.


Little miss is really into posing herself. She runs around to different spots, poses and yells, "how about this?" while I snap away.

My silly little boy. It's so hard to get him to look at the camera these days. This is the one shot I got of him looking towards me. 

 I like adding "boost" at 10% then adding the "tranquil" effect over. That's exactly what I did with this photo.

This one is cross-processed with the color green. Her eyes really pop!

iPiccy was useful when I was editing the pictures I took of Kim's baby boy, Andrew. The "bloom" effect smoothed out his blotchy new born skin to perfection.


Those lips are irresistible! 


My niece, Celina, asked me to take pictures of her before Prom last Saturday. I softened many of the photos using Bloom, faded to about 30%. Then used the focal soften feature to blur out the background.

Between the two, I'm leaning more towards Picmonkey, but it really depends on the type of photo I'm editing. For example, for dramatic filters, I go with Picmonkey. If I just want to fix the exposure and maybe add a little something extra, I use iPiccy.  I've also heard good things about Fotoflexer and Piclr but I haven't had a chance to use them much. And then there's Adobe Lightroom sitting in an unopened box on my desk.


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  1. Nice! I have been experimenting with Picmonkey too. It's a great tool! Great photos.