Friday, January 13, 2012

Target Toy Clearance 70% off - Jan 2012

The big toy clearance happened yesterday at my Target in central California. I made it there at 8:20am and was practically the only one in the store. Definitely no one else near the toy department. I read comments from people who reported large groups in front of their stores before opening and I can't imagine that here. The only other people around were the clearance fairies and a Grandma with 22 grandkids that I coaxed over to the clearance aisles when I found her browsing through full price Lego sets. She soon had a cart filled with Lego's, Rapunzel dolls, Squinkies, and Train sets. 

There were three aisles of toys! The signs were switched from 30% to 50% but only the Lego's and Barbies stayed at half. Everything else went to 70% off, most going from 30% off straight to 70% off.

I gave myself a budget of 50 bucks - which wasn't easy keeping to. I mean, look at all those toys!

But I stayed on budget 1. because we don't need anymore toys in our house 2. I still have a few toys in the gift closet from the July clearance 3. Four (out of 8) of my nieces and nephews have grown out of toys and 4. I'm seriously sticking to my cleaning out the clutter resolution

There were great deals all around.
Rock Star Mickey was $15
 Train Table for $27.
Hot Wheels Set $24

Lots of Thomas & Friends sets, Cars sets, and Lego sets.

I bought almost $200 worth of toys for $50! I put all of my goodies away before taking a picture this year. Little Noelle is everywhere these days so I have to sneak things in Mission Impossible style.

Read more about the Toy Clearance HERE.

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  1. Hey Pretty Lady!!! That family picture of yours is to die for! It's so gorgeous. You have such a beautiful family. Just wanted to pop by and say hi since it had been a while. Hope you're doing well! I always enjoy my visit to your blog. This post about the toy clearance was awesome. I LOVE A GOOD DEAL. Happy weekend and best wishes! XOXO