Saturday, December 31, 2011

Target Christmas Clearance 70% off & Toy Clearance Info

The holiday items went 70% off today at Target! I love a good clearance run. My store in central California was just as stocked with 70% off items as it was at half off so I'm glad I held out. These clearance sales are perfect for getting every day items for very cheap (hand soap, kleenex, tape, etc) and for little gifts/stocking stuffers for next year. 
I squealed when I spotted the Night Before Christmas book!

Here's a break down of what I purchased:
For next year
(2) LED net lights $5.99 each 
JOY door mat $3.89
Scotch hand tap $.60

 Gifts for next year
Santa Hand Towels $2.09
Lady Antebellum Christmas CD $2.09
The Night Before Christmas book $5.68 (reg. $18.95)
(2) Disney Princess 2-pack gloves $1.49 each
Star Wars lego $1.19
Cars 2 $1.49

For the home:
Kleenex $ .89
(2) Hand soup $.89 each
Scotch tape 3pack $.60
White ribbon $1.80
(2) bath sponges $.59 each (these are nicer than my $5 loofahs)

In the dollar section:
(4) notepads $.30 each
Cinderella bow $.30

Total spent $40.04
Saved $93.77

Here's a few pictures of what my store had this morning. There were also a ton of cards, plates, napkins, 7ft trees, stockings, and hand towels. Hopefully you can find some good deals at your Target.

The wrapping paper - I'm holding off for 90% off!
Ribbons, bows and gift bags
 Clothes, lights, misc.

The big 75% off Toy Clearance is coming in January. You can read what I picked up at 75% off in January 2011 here and what I got in July 2011 here
I'm only looking to get a few lego sets and the Little People Nativity Set for this coming clearance event. There are many lego sets at 30% off right now so I'm pretty confident that several will stick around and go half off and possibly 75% off. 

There are 3 aisles of clearance toys and about 8 end caps.

May 2012 bring many blessing to you and your family. Happy New Year!

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