Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card Photo Shoot {Oh Snap Linky}

I've mentioned several times that my brother-in-law, Sean, is a talented photographer. Having a photographer in the family is a huge blessing. And he does amazing work so it's an extra bonus.

I wanted to get our Christmas cards out early to redeem myself from the Christmas card fiasco of last year. I ordered cards from Tiny Prints and they came about a week later with NO envelopes! I called their customer service and apparently this is a regular occurrence. They informed me that the envelopes would be shipped out asap. They lied. I got them two days before Christmas. 

So this year I got our outfits together and we took the pictures in November. The day of the photo shoot my best friend Megan and I were driving down a back road on our way to get some lunch and I spotted this little 6-row orchard in front of someone's house. We planned on taking pictures downtown but once I saw those golden leaves, I had to take pictures there. 

It was a quick 40 minute shoot and the pictures turned out wonderful. 
This one is going on the mantel.

Merry Christmas, friends.

(I made the Merry Christmas bunting with burlap, twine, purple paint and a 98 cent stencil from Walmart)


  1. Lovely shots. I really love the last two.

  2. What a fab set of photos I like all of them, thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Beautiful Photos!

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. Those are so precious!!
    The last one is beautiful!!!


    My Organized Chaos

  5. WoW great pictures, such a lovely family

  6. Amazing pictures! We tried to take family Christmas pictures the other day but the boys wanted nothing to do with it, hopefully we can get some good ones later this week.

  7. Good luck, Kari! Noah wasn't really interested but we luckily got a few of him looking in the direction of the camera. And Noelle had it by the end of the 40 minutes - hence the sad face in the last picture.

  8. These are GORGEOUS!!! The yellow is stunning! Great job!

  9. These are some gorgeous shots! You have a beautiful family! <3

  10. Beautiful family! I love all of the great pictures!

  11. These pictures are all so beautiful! I have photo shoot envy...

    Diana - Toronto Teacher Mom

  12. What a beautiful family you have! All of these photos are fantastic!

  13. Beautiful pictures.

    I am your new follower via Sakura Haruka's Wordless Wednesday


  14. These are amazing!!!! The colors are beautiful

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