Saturday, September 17, 2011

Noah, 7 Months


Month six was a big one for my little Noah. He is 17 lbs, 28 inches long and has 2 bottom teeth (you can see one in this first picture. His new skills include scooting around the house on his bottom, pulling himself up in his crib, sleeping through the night, sitting without falling, blowing raspberries, doing what we call "dancing" when he's happy, and feeding himself puffs.

Noah really is the best baby I've ever been around. He rarely gets upset. Keep the kid fed, rested and occupied with a teething toy and he's completely content.

He loves:
Mommy, Daddy and Noelle
When Brinkley (our dog) runs around him
Making his way around the kitchen in his frog walker
Chewing on everything in site
Bath time
Being held
Tickles and kisses
Standing in his crib or anywhere else

                             "How you doin'?"

As I mentioned earlier, Noah scoots around the house. And he's quick! 
It only took him a few seconds to get to the bacon. 

Eating is going great for my little man. He nurses every 3 hours and gets a veggie or fruit with cereal combo for lunch and dinner. His favorite part of mealtime is chewing on the empty bowl, imagine that.

My favorite part of month 6 was the first 8 hours of consecutive sleep I've had since his birth. I can't even tell you. Before last week Noah has only slept through the night three times. He was in the routine of waking up and nursing at 3:30am and 5am, then awake at 7:30am. I was physically and mentally exhausted.

During a late night feeding last week, a loud rumble made me almost jump out of the glider. What on earth? I should have realized 7 months ago that I put Noah's crib against the wall opposite of the hot water heater. I was beyond frustrated with myself. The next day I rearranged Noah's furniture and that night he slept 12 HOURS STRAIGHT. That bloody hot water heater had been waking him up. This past week he has slept 8+ hours every night! Seriously could kick myself.

My happy boy.

My sweet boy. You make every day so amazing. I love watching you grow and learn. You're almost crawling which excites and scares me. You are no longer the infant we brought home 7 months ago. You're expressive, fun, cuddly, and smart. Your eyes sparkle when I smile at you and my heart beams when you smile back. 
Some of my favorite things about you: 
The way you snuggle with me at night when you're wrapped in your blanket. You usually wait for me to rub your legs before you close your eyes. 
How easy you are to please. Even a quick glance of eye contact makes you giggle. 
Your crazy hair. 
Your endless fascination with peek-a-boo.
How you've designated your blue silky camo blanket for day time and your white/blue blanket for night time. 
I love you to the moon and back.


  1. oh my gosh he is so cute! Love the pics!! GREAT PICS!

    Stopping by to say thanks for joining us on the silly sunday hop!


  2. Wow, how crazy that it was the water heater causing him to wake up at night!! I'm so glad you're both getting some good sleep now. :) He is such a sweet boy!!

  3. Your son is adorable! I love the picture of him on the skateboard - too cute!
    I'm a new follower from the Silly Sunday Hop. :)

    Little Miss Nerd Girl

  4. SO stinkin' cute!! Happy 7 months! My little one will be 6 months on Friday and I am just shocked at how big he's becoming every day!