Monday, June 6, 2011

Target Coupon Stack Trip

My coupon book started bulging yesterday with the addition of the new P&G insert coupons and the new printables. 

 I LOVE the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme coupon. I was lucky enough to score 6 of them! 

Anyway, I went through my coupons and took out all of the match-ups (Target coupons + Manufacturer coupons).  
Here's the list of what I had and the total amount of the stack.

And off to Target I went. The question I get asked the most is, "How do you get so much stuff for free?" Let me show you how it works.

I had a $2 Gillette Fusion ProSeries TQ and a $2 Gillette Fusion ProSeries MQ - together they are worth $4.00 and this week two Gillette Fusion ProSeries products are on sale for $3.99 (from $5.99), therefore making the item free.

I had a $1 Nivea Skin Care Item TQ and a $2 Nivea Mens Body Wash MQ - together they are worth $3.00. The mens body wash is on sale for $3.04 making them 4 cents each.

Today's haul:

Another item I got for free is the Gerber formula which I'll donate. The price was $13.99 and in the mail last week I got a Manufacturer check for $15.95 off any Gerber formula. So it was actually a money-maker for me. 

There is a Huggies Diaper Promo going this week for Buy 3 and receive a $5 Target gift card. I used three $3 off any Huggies MQs and one $1.50 Huggies TQ (total of $10.50 in coupons). The total for all three was $16.47 + $5 g.c. = $11.47! Sweet deal. The only problem was trying to find room for them in Noah's closet. I now have enough diapers to last him at least 6 months.

Mac n Cheese was on sale for .77 - Noelle's new favorite lunch with peas. 

Munchkin cups - on sale for Buy 1 Get 1 Half off. I also had a 10% off Munchkin TQ (from the Baby Mailer). Total for this purchase was $1.73. 

Noelle started Pre-School today - home-schooled which I'll blog about in a bit - and I couldn't wait to use the $1 Mead Early Start TQs to buy the Sight Words flash cards (.76 after coupon) and the Dry Erase Capital and Lowercase tracing books ($2.99 each after coupon). And I needed to get her some child-safe scissors and glue.

I used the $1.00 Oscar Mayer bacon TQ for the fully cooked bacon which is great for sandwiches.

Here's another Coupon stack I used today. $2 off any Olay Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin MQ and a $1 Olay Moisturizer TQ. The total of the stack is $3.00 and it is on sale this week for $6.16 making the item $3.16 which is totally worth it since I use the stuff every single day.

The total for this trip - $29.79!!!

Saving $36.57!!!


  1. You're amazing! I want to learn how to use coupons like this.

  2. what ad was the Target Gillette proseries 2.00 off coupon? Thank

  3. Hi there. The Gillette TQ was from the Hi, Coupons mailier and the MQ was from the 6/5 P&G insert exp 7-31.

  4. I'm new to this what is the Hi coupons mailer

  5. That was a Target mailier that was sent out last month. There is no sure way of getting the mailers, you just have to get lucky, or browse through coupon trading sites to find what you are looking for. The "theme" of the last one was "Hi, Coupons."
    They also send out baby mailiers and pharmacy mailiers. And seasonal mailiers.
    TQ = Target Coupon
    MQ = Manufacturer coupon

  6. "mailer
    Duh. My iPhone does weird things.

  7. Believe me I know about these smart phones and the crazy things they often do! Great post. Thank you!