Friday, June 24, 2011

Old chair makeover

Do you ever have nothing going on then suddenly you find yourself with several unfinished projects and no time to work on them? That's me this week. The solution would be to not start another project until I've completed the one I'm already working on, but that would be too easy.

After refinishing the desk for Noelle's room I started looking for a little chair. I found a couple that worked but they were both over $30 and that's not how I roll. While visiting my parents I spotted this gold chair in my sister's old room the workout room. It's super old - definitely over 15 years old. I remember having it in our house on base which was around 1993.

So I took it home and sprayed it with a new coat of paint (Heirloom White) and made a seat cushion.

Seat cushions are easy to make. I used:
Scrap piece of wood
Scrap piece of a foam mattress pad
Scrap piece of fabric
Staple Gun

Cut the wood to fit just inside the space and cut the foam about an inch bigger than that. 
Fold the fabric over and staple.

While I was outside to take a picture of the chair, Princess Noelle demanded asked to be in a picture which of course turned into a photo shoot. 

The chair finally made it in her room. She and Ariel are having a good time playing in there.

Total cost for her new chair - $0


  1. When I say I love that chair, I mean I LOVE THAT CHAIR! I am wanting to re-do my daughter's bedroom also. Now I am going to be looking around the house to see what I can make over, hee hee!

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  3. that chair is indeed for a beautiful little princess with blue eyes.:)