Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daddy's Hands

I wasn't able to share this last week because Mr. G occasionally reads my blog and I didn't want him to have a sneak peak at his Father's Day gift from the kids.

"Daddy's Hands will always be Bigger"

The easy part was making the page on my computer - the hard part was getting Noah's hand print. This is the 3rd try and it actually came out good. Noelle and I make hand prints almost every day so she's a pro.

The trick with getting a 4 month olds hand print is patience. I put a small drop of the non-toxic washable finger paint on his palm then swirled it around a bit. Then I waited and waited until he opened his hand naturally and quickly stuck it on the paper and pulled up. The two other times I tried to pry his hand open myself and the result was a blue blob.

On another note - I've been seeing pictures of a giraffe on almost every baby blog I visit so I finally inquired about it. Heather over at Us Doing Things let me know that it is Sophie the Giraffe - supposedly the best teething toy ever. At first I thought it was just an expensive dog chew toy but Noah loves her! He happily slobbers all over her - which is better than slobbering all over mommy's hand.


I got Sophie at Babies R Us for $22. Thanks, Heather!

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