Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hanging Bird Cage Tutorial

I was asked how I went about painting and installing the bird cages hanging in Noelle's room so I put together this quick tutorial.

3 Bird Cages
3 cans of Spray Paint
White Chain - approx. 10 ft.
3 Decorative Ceiling Hooks
18 volt cordless drill (what we have)

1. Find three Bird Cages in various sizes and shapes.

I found the two smaller ones at Antique Stores and the tall one at Ross.

2. I primed the cages first.
Although it's probably not necessary, I primed all of the cages before spraying them with color.

3. Pick three complementary spray paint colors and spray the cages. Make sure to keep the spray can at a good distance away from the cage to avoid dripping. It took several coats to cover all of the angles of the cages.

I choose Antique White, Green and Baby Blue.
The spray paint really brought out the details in each of the cages.

4. Decide where you want the cages to hang and guesstimate how much chain you will need.
I had the guys at Lowe's cut 10 ft of white chain.
The white bird cage hangs 28 inches from the ceiling, the blue bird cage 32 inches and the green bird cage 35 inches.

5. Decide on placement of the cages and where the holes in the ceiling will go. You have one shot at this so make positive that you LOVE where they are. I had my dad and Mr. G dangle them from the ceiling then mark with a pencil where each hole was going to go.

6. Take a deep breath and drill the holes in the ceiling and install the ceiling hooks.
I let Mr. G take the lead on this step. It helps that he is 6'6" and doesn't require a ladder most of the time.

7. Hang the bird cages from the last chain link and close the link for a secure hold.

And that's it! A fun and unique way to add character and dimension to a room.

See more of Noelle's room HERE


  1. Very pretty! I have a bird's cage and now I know what to do with it! :-) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is so, so cute! What a beautiful idea.

  3. After seeing this post, I know we are a match made in bloggy heaven! I LOVE birdcages and have 3 birdcages that are waiting to be hung up any moment :) I am your newest follower. I would love for you to come check me out and follow me too!

    coley at

  4. SO very cute and fresh looking! Thanks for posting such a great idea.

  5. You are being featured this week at Lines Across My Face. I love these bird cages :) Thanks for linking up last week and I hope to see you again this week. (Also feel free to grab a featured button)

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