Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 Months New

One of the things I couldn't contemplate before having Noah was the ability to love another child as much as I love Noelle. Then he was born and my heart doubled in size. I can't describe the feeling - just overwhelming love. This little boy has totally won me over. I am crazy about him.

There's something so familiar about Noah. It's like he has been here all along. Like I've known him my entire life.

Noah is 9 weeks old today and here is what he has been up to:

Smiling and cooing! Just adorable.
Discovering his hands. He watches them move around just in front of his face.
Holding his head up and picking his head up from a laying position.
Kicking his legs and waving his arms constantly.
Looking for people when he hears their voice.
Sucks his fingers and hands.
He has outgrown all Newborn clothes and is now in 0-3 & 3-6 month clothes.

Noah likes:
  • Bath time. He has never cried during a bath. I took out the infant hammock so he sits in the tub and kicks his legs in the water.
  • Being held and spoken to. He will listen and smile at whoever has him.
  • Mam pacifier. It has been a life-saver.
  • Fresh air. He loves being outside looking around and taking everything in.
  • The Fisher-Price swing. He takes his late-afternoon nap in it.

Noah doesn't like:
  • Being in his car seat.
  • When mommy drinks milk. I went lactose-free for him, but I slipped and had a glass the other day. He consequently had major gas the entire day.
  • Being swaddled. He'll wiggle and wiggle until he is free.
  • My right boob. The boy has been a "lefty" since the day he was born. I thought he'd grow out of it by now but it seems to be getting worse.
  • Getting his diaper changed.

Noah's Daily Sleep Schedule:
6am - Up to nurse and then lays back down for about an hour - (grunting and pooping) - while mommy gets a bit more sleep. He usually goes back to sleep until 8am.
8am-10am - Awake
10am-12pm - Nap time
12pm-3ish - Awake
3pm-6pm - Nap time
6pm-9pm - Awake
9pm - Time for bed.
Noah usually sleeps for 5 hours, nurses, then sleeps 4 more.

I think we have a pretty good routine going for now.

I love you sweet Noah.

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