Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Smiles Melt My Heart

Noah is all smiles these days. It just takes a "Hi Noah!" to get him to show his adorable toothless grin. It's irresistible!

Noah 6 weeks new

Since Noah turned 6 weeks old life has gotten much easier (he's now 7 1/2 weeks). He sleeps great at night - usually going down around 8pm and waking up to nurse at 2am & 6am. Sometimes he even gives me a break and falls back to sleep until 9am! What a sweet boy.

With each passing week Noelle adjusts better to her brother's arrival. She asks if he can watch her play, talks to him, lays next to him on his play mat, and includes him in her re-cap of the day. She's also much more understanding when I'm nursing him. She'll say, "Baby brother needs to eat now" and play quietly with her baby doll. Sometimes she pretends to nurse her babies when I'm feeding Noah.

The trick to Noelle's happiness is a consistent schedule of activities. She wakes up at 7am and naps from 1-3 pm everyday. Our Spring activities include:

Monday - Play date at the Park with several friends
Tuesday - Story time and craft at the Library
Wednesday - Library with Grandma to check out 3 new books, Ballet class in the evening
Thursday - Shopping with mommy
Friday - Play with her cousins, Emma and Evan.

When we are at home Noelle likes to play with Bubbles outside (or in the bathtub), play with her dolls and Barbies with mommy, color and paint, practice numbers and the alphabet, read books, help mommy with chores, and play dress-up.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Mr. G is going to have his first summer off in 13 years (since becoming a teacher). I can't wait! We have several projects planned including painting and installing board and batten in our bedroom and cleaning and organizing the garage. But mostly I want to enjoy spending time as a family. Is it June yet?

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