Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh Snap Wednesday - 10/12

{Oh Snap}

A few of my favorite vacations with my hubby:

Helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon and over the Hoover Dam.

Big Sur.

Hawaii - Big Island

Las Vegas - I'm not a fan of Vegas, but this trip was pretty fun. Blue Man Group, great food, and dancing!

Atlantis - Nassau

Great memories. 


  1. Awesome PICS!! Thanks for hosting.. it's my first time linking up!


  2. Great pics!!! but that helicopter, danger danger!!! Im a total chicken when it comes to them!! and the fact that a tourist one just crashed here in NYC last week doesnt help my fear, =(

  3. Cute pics! The problem with our vacation photos is that I'm never included! On our last vacation I took 1,000 pics & I might be in 3 or 4!

  4. Hi great pics! I am a new follwer - thanks for hosting! I love photography I never leave home without my camera! Hope you can pop over & visit my blog! :) Cheers Fiona


  5. Great pictures! :)

  6. I loved Blue Man Group and I wish I had taken a helicopter over the Hoover Dam...we took a bus. That was so not a good idea...Lol! A new follower from WW.