Monday, May 30, 2011

The Tale of a Tooth

I do a lot of comparison between Noelle and Noah. I don't mean to most of the time, it's just where my brain goes when Noah does (or doesn't do) something. For instance, a couple of weeks ago I was wondering if Noah should be rolling over so I looked through Noelle's baby album to see when she started rolling over (at 13 weeks). The next day he rolled over.

So last week Noah started acting a little different. His cry changed from a faint whine to a full on SCREAM, he started having runny bowel movements, he wanted to nurse or suck his pacifier at all times, and he only napped in 20 minute increments. Where did my happy and content baby go? 

Could he be teething? Of course not. Noelle didn't get a tooth until she was 6 months old. Noah is only 3 months old.

Then he started chewing on his hands.

Could he be teething? No way. I still have a few more months before that happens.

Then he bit me.

What the heck? 
I ran my fingers across his gums and there it was. A TOOTH! Just about to break the skin. My poor baby was teething! But, but, but...he's not supposed to get a tooth until he's 6 months old! Lesson learned. 

On Saturday my dad let Noah chew on his finger and he could also feel the tooth coming in. That night during his bath I noticed that it popped out.

I also noticed that there is another tooth coming in just above it. I'll admit that it makes me sad. He's growing up so fast. One thing that is good about comparing them is understanding how fast it really does go. Just 3 short years ago, I was rocking Noelle and wishing she could stay tiny and innocent just a little longer. 

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