Monday, May 16, 2011

Noah - Month 3

My sweet boy turned 3 months old yesterday - my how time flies. He is the most incredible, happy, lovable, gentle and fun little boy. When he's awake, I soak in as much of him as possible. I can't get enough of his grin and the adorable little dimple on his chubby left cheek. 

On Sunday morning, Noah was presented to the Lord in a dedication service at our church. Here we are after the dedication with Pastor Jeff - who married us 6 years ago.

Here is what Noah is up to these days...

He LOVES to play in his exersaucers - with Big Sister showing him how it all works. 

The "everything in my hands goes in my mouth" stage has begun.

He no longer needs to wear a bib at all times :)

He is so close to rolling over.

There's a lot more cooing going on.

He still loves bath time and still hates riding in the car.

He hasn't had a bottle in 3 weeks and has become a pro at breastfeeding.

Noah sleeps from 8pm - 3am then nurses and goes back to sleep until 6am and if I'm lucky again until 8am. I pump every night before I go to sleep and again at 3am and have built up a large stockpile of breast milk.

And this is what it looks like when I hold my whole world in my arms.

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