Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing the wealth

I'd like to start sharing the best deals that I find each week. Not just every deal that comes around, but the ones that I actually take part in and are useful for me and my family, and hopefully for yours as well.

Coupon info you need to know:
Target accepts one Manufacturer coupon AND one Target coupon for the same item. This allows for bigger savings and often times free stuff!

I print coupons from,,, and I also keep on eye out for Facebook deals - companies will put up a coupon to print if you "like" their page.

Today I scored Disney's Tangled 4-disc set including a free book for only $15!
I used the $5 off coupon on Disney's site stacked with a $5 off Target coupon that came in the Easter mailer. We don't have a Blue-Ray player (yet) and I have no use for the Blue-Ray 3D disc but Noelle loves the book (sticker page included) and I'll give the Blue-Ray disc to my niece and nephew. Everyone wins :-)
I felt bad for the poor sucker in front of us who paid $24.99 for it! It's so easy to print out a $5 coupon before heading to the store.
I say it aaaaallllll the time...."It's like printing my own money!" (can you name that movie?)

Other great deals this week: - $2 coupon for Visine drops - I picked up the travel size at Target - Free! - Get 24 4x8 cards for only $2.49 shipped! I'm planning on making Easter cards to send out in April. Add the 24 cards to your cart and use the code 25cards at checkout.

Happy Savings!


  1. How fun! Thank you :) Have you ever printed out more coupons than you will need and hand them out to complete strangers? Maybe I'm alone on that one, but I love to do it at Boston Market and JCP portrait studios.

  2. All the time! I LOVE giving out diaper coupons at Target! I once gave a lady a $3 MQ and $2.50 TQ ($5.50 off) and she acted like I just gave her a million bucks! Makes my heart happy :)