Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My sweet baby boy has had the WORST baby acne for about 2 weeks now. This week it even turned into an eczema-like rash. It breaks my heart to look at that poor little face - dry, red and covered with pimples.

Then I discovered California Baby Calendula Cream.
I applied it only to his left cheek - just in case he had a reaction to it - and what do you know, it looked 100 times better in just an hour. So I put it on his entire face and over night his face cleared up!

I highly recommend it for any skin problem you or your little one may have. On the bottle it says: Purpose - For simple 'mystery' rashes and cuts, eczema or wherever intensive repair is needed.

And as a bonus it smells wonderful. Noelle said, "Baby brother smells like flowers."

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