Monday, September 10, 2012

getting away.

Over Labor Day weekend, we had the opportunity to stay with friends at a gorgeous 7-bedroom home in Lake Tahoe. I was hesitant to go at first because of the long drive. Two kids trapped in a car all day was sure to be miserable and most likely wouldn't be worth the fun memories we would make over the weekend. I was wrong.

My children surprised me. Once again proving that they are much more resilient than I give them credit for. They are road trip super stars.

After nearly 8 hours in the car we arrived in lake paradise.

Noah had no trouble adapting to his new surroundings. He owned the joint the second we walked in the door. 

The rest of us didn't do so bad either. Can't complain when there's great food, continuous laughter with dear friends and a hot tub on the roof waiting to take our aches away.

Aaron and I took the kids for their first jet ski ride. Noelle waved to everyone on land like a beauty queen on a parade float. And Noah fell asleep. Wrapped in a foam vest, soothing water sounds and rhythmic movement - how could he resist?

We've been feeling the need to get away from the house more than ever lately. The sweetness of the summer months when we were all home together has soured with late hours at work and daily evening activities. Taking a break from our new routine allows us a dose of family time that is otherwise impossible.
We need it.

As much as Noah needs naps. 

And sister needs sunshine.

I've experienced moments this month that have literally taken my breath away. Taking a minute to appreciate God's glorious creation from the middle of a vast lake. Watching my children play with my best friend's children - something we've talked about happening since we were in 5th grade. And hearing my college roommate bravely describe her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I know these are growing moments. Eye-opening lessons. The unfathomable power of our God. The realization that time is quickly passing by. And the uncertainty of the future. Being busy and overworked is not how we want to live so we are consciously taking time together as a family by getting away.


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