Thursday, August 23, 2012

Growing Up

We celebrated Noah's half birthday this week.

My little man. He is awesome. During my pregnancy with him I was terrified that I wouldn't connect with a boy. Noelle and I were such a great team, how was I going to handle having a little boy? It didn't take long for me to understand the bond other mom's of boys described to me.
Noah and I have something special. Some days Noelle can be...complicated. Noah is just a guy ready to laugh and figure stuff out. And I love watching him do just that.

Here's what he has been up to lately:
Noah has 12 teeth and currently has 4 more coming through. Good thing he has so many chompers because he eats like a teenager. Seriously. The kid will put down three slices of pizza in one sitting.

He is a very active little guy. And by "active" I mean destroying everything he gets his hands on and then usually throwing it.

His favorite things are Brinkley (our dog), being chased, playing in the little pool, coloring and reading books at bed time.

When Noah was 15 months old he refused to nurse. It happened over a period of three days which were very hard on me. I tried everything I knew to get him interested, but nothing worked. I planned to breastfeed him for at least 18 months but now that I think about it, that goal was unrealistic. There's no way my busy boy would sit still long enough. He doesn't want to miss a thing.

At the beginning of this month, the kids started "school." It's an Spanish/English Parent & Me program that is funded by the state of California. It's just a couple hours each week but I feel very blessed to have gotten them enrolled. Noelle is interested in learning Spanish and has been picking it up quickly through her teachers and the other Spanish-speaking kids in the class.

Noelle is also keeping busy being mommy's big helper and the most amazing little girl. I cried last week when I checked my facebook and scrolled through many First Day of School pictures. Kindergarten is one short year away. My baby is going to leave me for the first time. Honestly, I can't handle the thought. Someone recently told me that it gets better the older they get. I'm sure they're right, but in this moment I don't believe them and I want my baby to be four forever.

Tonight we made a step towards the direction of Kindergarten. It was her first day of Awana's at our church. I explained to her that it will be just like Sunday school but a little longer and super fun. She cried when she got out of the car and begged me to take her back home. But we made it to check-in and once she got in her classroom she immediately walked over to a couple of girls and started playing. Two hours later I was the first parent in line and kissed her sweet face a million times. Then we went out for ice cream. She can't wait for next week.

I'm so proud of my babies. Growing up and becoming incredible people. I'm desperately trying to live in the moment more often. My mind has a way of sending me to the future where they are grown and I miss them so much that it's literally painful.

I hope I remember special moments like this. When I look behind me and see my heart walking hand-in-hand. And I hope they know how much I love them. "All the way to the moon and even the sun" as Noelle says. 


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