Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY Egg Garland

Yesterday I shared our Easter decorations and today I'm going to show you how Noelle and I made this simple egg garland for the fireplace mantel. Dyeing eggs is an Easter tradition of ours. In the past, we've always boiled the eggs and kept them for a week or so, but this year I created a way to keep them for much longer and display them prominently. 

First thing to do is blow the egg out of the shell. I gathered the supplies:
Sewing Needle
Infant Nose Aspirator

I carefully poked a hole at each end of the egg with the sewing needle - shown here (with my assistant Noelle as the videographer):

You'll need to make the hole a little bigger if you are going to use the eggs for a garland. If you just want hollow eggs for decorations, keep the holes small.

Then I used the aspirator to blow the egg out of the shell by sealing the hole on one side of the egg with the tip of the aspirator and squeezing the air into the egg (don't suck the egg into the aspirator). It usually takes about four squeezes to get the egg completely out of the shell. 

Rinse the eggs and allow them to dry. Then the fun begins! 
Dye, paint, cover with glitter, etc. Noelle decided to dye the eggs. It used to be hard letting go of projects and giving her the chance to be creative - you may recall the paint-your-own Piggy Bank disaster. Now it's not only easy to allow her to create on her own, I prefer it. Her personal touch makes things so much more special than if I did it. Sure, the eggs would have probably been evenly coated, but hers are perfectly imperfect. 

When the eggs are dry, string one egg through the ribbon. 
Trick: Keep stuffing the egg with ribbon until you can see it through the other end and fish it out with the needle. 
Once the egg is through and in your desired spot, tie a knot on one end and secure the egg in place by dabbing hot glue on the knot and pressing the egg against it.
Continue one egg at a time until you reach your desired length. 

Tie securely or you'll end up walking on egg shells...



  1. Hey Sugar! This is a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is awesome! Was it difficult to string the eyes without breaking them? That would make me nervous! I love it though and kinda want to try it!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  3. Brie- The eggs weren't as fragile as I thought they'd be. I make the garland on my granite countertop and I wasn't worried about them cracking. I only lost a couple when I was using the aspirator to get the yolk out. Those suckers kept slipping out of my hand!