Sunday, August 21, 2011

The 50mm lens

My brother-in-law (559 Photography) handed down his 50mm lens for my Canon Rebel XSi a while back. I've taken it out a few times but those particular occasions weren't ideal for a 50mm lens so it's been in my camera bag for several months, waiting to come out and show me how fantastic it is.
This weekend I decided to dust it off and give it a try. Here we are on our way to Target - making a few stops along the way.
 p.s. we're a little bit country

It wasn't easy at first. It took several attempts just to get used to not zooming. Focusing with a 50mm lens is also a challenge. After 100+ pictures I started to get the hang of it. 

{Here are a few pictures straight out of the camera}

It's funny - I never noticed the cows, horses, sheep, chicken, and all of the other animals on the side of the road before I had kids.  One of the first things Noelle ever said was "Moooo!"

We also have a lot of canals and crops - right now there is corn everywhere!

And hay.

And fresh fruit stands.

A few of those filtered:

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Noah giving you a thumbs up!

I had fun my first time with it and look forward to getting out more and practicing.


  1. These are beautiful, and so are your kiddos!! Nice work :)

  2. Oh my! Such great photos! I want a 50mm lens so bad. I especially love the wagon photos. Can I borrow it for our family pics in October? :oP

  3. Great pictures!! You did an awesome job!!! Just beautiful :)

  4. these are WAY TOO cute!! LOVE them!!!

  5. Awesome! I want a 50mm for Christmas!

  6. Adorable kiddies and beautiful shots.

  7. Great shots, like looking kids fashion catalog:) Beautiful

  8. Love it. A fun trick you can do with the 50mm is turn it around and hold it to the mount (or you can buy special mounts just for this) and you've suddenly got a macro lens! You dont have a whole lot of control over it but it makes for some cool shots. Give it a go!

  9. I love that these were on your way to Target. Target always gets my attention. Thanks for showing off your shots. I do love the one you selected with the sunflare!

  10. They are great! Your little ones are adorable.

  11. Beautiful pictures. I love your daughter's little boots. All the shots by the hay are gorgeous but my favorite is of your little guy in the wagon with the sun behind him.