Thursday, June 17, 2010

Putting Mr. G to work

I just buy the decorations, he hangs them. Poor guy, I really had him working last week. I came home with shelves for the bathroom and a ton of frames and he knew right away he was going to be putting a lot of holes in the walls.

Luckily for him I made it very easy. I traced the frames on the Sunday paper, cut out the rectangles and hung them with tape exactly where I wanted the frames to be. All he had to do was put the nails in the wall and hang the frames :)

The hallway was bare but now it feels very warm and I love looking at my favorite pictures of Little G. She's so beautiful :)
Side note- I don't know why the walls look that color in the pictures. They are a dark tan.

I've been meaning to hang these paintings (of our favorite places near our old house) for awhile. I finally picked up some frames for them as well as the shelves (at Target).

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  1. Looks beautiful! I love the way you did the lay out... so warm and inviting!