Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lyrical Christmas 2014

I started unboxing the Christmas decorations around mid-November this year and fell back in love with my Silver Bells sign. I love Christmas music. Like, a lot. I'm sure I've mentioned that a time or two. In fact, the first song Noah sang was Jingle Bells and it's probably no surprise that Noelle knows all the words to The First Noel. With Christmas music filling the house I decided to add a couple more pieces with Christmas lyrics. One of my favorite lines is from Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. "Let your heart be light."

Christmas Mantle Wood Sign Growing up Gardner photo christmasdecor14-3-1.jpg

christmas mantle growing up gardner photo christmasdecor14-6.jpg

I painted over Noah's train sign for his third birthday party to create this piece. 

Christmas mantle Wood Sign photo christmasdecor14-1.jpg

Christmas Mantle Decorations Growing Up Gardner photo christmasdecor14-2-1.jpg

I only added a few new details to our tree this year, including a few plaid pieces and branch stars.

Plaid Christmas Tree photo christmasdecor14-4-1.jpg

Someone once told me to "put anything you want on your tree." There's no rules. The plaid ribbon in the tree is actually two table runners. I also stuck in deer antlers and an american flag. 
Plaid Rustic Christmas Tree photo christmasdecor14-5-1.jpg

The Silver Bells sign was added to the living room gallery wall.
 photo christmasdecor14-4.jpg

tree collection growing up gardner photo christmasdecor14-2.jpg

sideboard decorations growing up gardner photo christmasdecor14-3.jpg

One more lyric sign on a framed chalkboard.
chalkboard sign growing up gardner photo christmasdecor14-5.jpg

 photo christmasdecor14.jpg

The front porch.
Christmas Porch photo christmasdecor14-6-1.jpg

This weekend we had our annual small town Christmas parade. My dad made a bucket train to pull around the grandkids.

 photo christmasdecor14-7.jpg
The kids had the best time riding around blowing bubbles and waving at friends.

 photo christmasdecor14-8.jpg
Merry Christmas! The Gardners

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