Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Noah, 9 Months!

This little man is into everything. I can't keep up. Luckily his sister informs me of his location during those few times I'm not following his every move.
"MOM! He's climbing on the couch!"
"MOM! He's in the kitchen! OH NO! The dog food!"
"MOM! He has the remote!"
"MOM! He's going to my ROOOOOM!"
And on and on. He is literally on the go from the moment he wakes up until he passes out at nap time. His on-the-go time wouldn't be bad if he wasn't so attracted to the kitchen and dining room which has hard tile flooring. When he first started climbing up the cabinets he would fall a couple of times a day and I felt horrible. He eventually learned to kneel down and safely get back to crawling position, but for about 2 weeks I seriously considered buying a helmet for him.

Noah pulls himself up on everything, including walls. I've rounded the corner in the hallway several times to find him standing against the wall. I wonder why he gets half way down the hall and decides, "I think I'll stand right here." Goofball. 
Recently Noah started putting his hands in the air when he wants me to pick him up - it's so cute! I can't resist those little arms reaching for me. 
He also gives high fives, claps and gives kisses - things he was doing at 7 months. And now we are working on waving and saying mama, daddy, sissy, dog, up, ball, milk and food. 

I gave him his first hair cut this month. He looked clean cut for about a week, but it became quickly apparent that he inherited his father's super fast hair-growing skills. I've been cutting Mr. G's hair for the past 6 years and Noelle's hair for 3 years. I guess I'll be cutting his hair every 4 weeks also.

Noah is a great little eater. He tolerates being spoon-fed but really loves feeding himself. The only thing I spoon-fed him now is yogurt for breakfast and 2 purees a day. The rest of his food he picks up and eats on his own. He pushed the food to the front of his mouth and chews with his 6 teeth (4 bottom, 2 top) and he loves to hum and "talk" while he is chewing. It seems his favorite things to eat are bread, chicken and scrambled eggs. He also nurses 6-7 times a day (including a 3am feeding). I estimate that he drinks about 18-24 oz a day of breast milk.
(eating bread)

Here's a list of things Noah eats throughout the day:

YoBaby yogurt
scrambled eggs, toast or pancake

Diced banana or diced kiwi

Fruit or veggie puree
bread and shredded cheddar cheese

Fruit or veggie puree
diced chicken or pasta (small pieces of whatever we are eating for dinner)
peas, cooked & diced carrots, diced mango, diced avocado or diced banana

(eating banana)

One of his favorite things to do is play with his sister. Noelle loves showing Noah all the fun things to do like building forts in the living room, playing "picnic" in the playroom, reading him books, playing with puzzles, and climbing at the park.

Noah has also been fighting his first cold and double ear infection for a couple of weeks now - along with his top 4 teeth coming in. It hasn't been fun but he is feeling much better now that he is on antibiotics.

Noah naps 2 times a day. A morning nap from 10am-12pm and an afternoon nap from 2-4pm. Bed time is between 7:30-8pm and at 9 months old he still isn't sleeping through the night. Lately he has been waking up 3 times a night but I only nurse him at 3am. The other 2 or more times I will lay him down and give him a pacifier. Trust me, I've tried everything.

That's what my boy has been up to. Only 4 short months and he'll be ONE. Unbelievable.
I love you sweet Noah!


  1. such an adorable smile.. the first picture is my favorite

  2. OH he is so adorable! I love this age! My little guy is 9 months as well! It's so fun having a boy! And yours is just too cute!