Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Fall

Finally we have some decent weather around here. The heat wave in California last week was not fun. Just when I thought it was safe to put my summer clothes away - I was in shorts and a tank...again. Go away summer!

The weather today is beautiful and I was able to finish the Fall decorations around the house. My mom, dad, and I took Little G along with my niece and nephew to a local pumpkin patch today (those pictures to come later) so the kids could have some fun play time and I could get pumpkins for the front porch.

My parents have had our old Radio Flyer wagon hanging in their garage for many many years and a few weeks ago I went over and took it down with a plan to use it for Fall decorations. It works perfectly :)

I spruced the pumpkins up with some metallic glaze which took about 5 minutes and gathered some old Fall leaves and flowers that were in the closet. The hay stack I purchased in September at Michaels for half off.

Here are the pumpkins before their makeover
And after. I gave the orange pumpkins a light coat of gold glaze and the Queensland Blue a light coat of silver glaze. Isn't she pretty?

I just love Candy Corn and have used it in my Fall decor for about 5 years. This is my first time using them in this way and I think it looks great.
I got the small pumpkins at the thrift store for 35 cents each. I also painted them with gold glaze.

I picked a branch from the backyard tree for the living room ottoman. I can't wait until the leaves around here start turning yellow and orange.
The fireplace mantel was decorated with items from Michaels - never buy anything full price there.
Fall is such a beautiful time of year. I love the weather and the colors of the changing leaves...but to be honest, I'm itching to go through my Christmas decoration boxes to see what I have and what I should get new this year. Thanksgiving is not at our house this year so putting up the tree on November 1st is a GO!

But until then - Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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  1. I love your fall decorations! Such a cute idea with the wagon... love it! And I agree, I love that fall is pretty much here and can't wait to do some fall cooking and baking!