Monday, April 13, 2015

'In Summer' Frozen 6th Birthday Party

Last June Noelle turned six! Frozen was a big hit around our house at the time and sis insisted on a Frozen party. We decided to embrace the heat and Olaf's love for summer and run with that theme.
My color scheme was teal, purple, and pink. With lots of flowers and all things sunny!
Let's Go Bring Back Summer!
 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-2.jpg

I used the picnic scene from Olaf's 'In Summer' song as inspiration for the lunch table. It was an easy build-you-own hamburger bar with hot dogs and cold salads. Great on such a warm day.

 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-18.jpg

The hanging planters were pretty cheap at Lowes and the lovely blue mason jars were in the dollar section at Target.
 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-13.jpg

Of course we had to make snowmen, aka snow cones. Michael's had a package of Frozen wall decals which I used to embellish the snow cone machine and the centerpieces.
 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-10.jpg

Galvanized buckets with stickers made for an easy but adorable centerpiece.
 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-9.jpg

The other table centerpieces were water pitchers with flowers that sadly wilted in the heat after a couple of hours.
Instead of Let it Go, I went with Let it GROW.
 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-12.jpg

The water slide entertained the kiddos during the party.

 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-14.jpg

Dessert table!

 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-4.jpg

How amazing are these cake pops? Almost too cute to eat!
The party favors were flower seeds in Let it Grow muslin bags, and Frozen puzzles.

 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-5.jpg

For the cake pops, I grabbed a case of flowers from Lowes and wrapped it in burlap. Then stuck the pops into the soil.

 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-6.jpg

Rice Krispy Treats with little bees.

 photo Noelleblog6Frozen-7.jpg

I surprised Noelle by asking our friend Jessica to dress up as Elsa. She is the most amazing Elsa!

 photo Noelle 6-2-30.jpg

For some piñata fun, I bought this super inexpensive sun piñata at JoAnn's and took off the smiley face then added the Elsa and Anna sticker.

In Summer Frozen Party Sun Piñata photo Noelle 6-2-21.jpg

It was a fun twist on the Frozen theme!


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